Trauma-Sensitive Yoga for Emotional Healing:
Yoga Teachers Specialisation

Enhance the healing potential of your Yoga classes with this Trauma-Informed Yoga for Emotional Healing Specialisation. From skilled classes to transformative experiences, the difference lays in your capacity to address the emotional and mental sides of Yoga, and your ability to create a sacred and therapeutic space for your students.

Dive into the art of guiding transformative classes that center around emotional healing and profound student transformations.

The dates are:
Lørdag d. 28/9 kl. 9.00 – 17.30
Søndag d. 29/9 kl. 9.00 – 17.30

🌱 Uncover how your teaching can be a catalyst for profound transformations

This training is crafted for yoga instructors eager to take their teaching to new heights. Learn the energetical imprint of each asanas, and how to incorporate trauma-informed guidance and mindfulness to facilitate emotional release and cultivate emotional well-being through your classes.

💖 Transformative Power of Safety

Learn how the transformative healing power of safety is the cornerstone for emotional balance and overall well-being. You will be guided through the art of creating a safe and nurturing space within your classes to foster a sense of security and trust through trauma-informed practices, guided relaxation, and mindful communication.

🌈 Breathwork, Chakras and Emotional Resilience

Deepen your understanding of breathwork, chakras, and their role in balancing the subtle energies within. Learn how to skillfully infuse these elements into your classes, creating a sacred space for emotional resilience.

For who?

This training is for already certified Yoga teachers (of any kind of schools or types of Yoga) willing to add a new depth to their teaching. It is also suitable for psychologists with a strong background of Yoga interested in incorporating therapeutic Yoga techniques to complement their practice and support their patients from an inclusive body and mind perspective.

Vanille Simeon, Teacher

🔍 In-Depth Understanding of Mind-Body Connection

Uncover the intricate connection between the mind and body, and how to create a Yoga sequence to help with stress, anxiety and depression.

🌟 Certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga for Emotional Healing Specialisation

Receive a certification that recognizes your ability to teach Yoga with emotional intelligence. This program equips you with the skills to create an emotionally supportive environment, fostering a space where healing and transformation naturally unfold.

So deeply thankful for these two days of being in the lovely space that we created together &
And for receiving your really authentic and heartfelt way of teaching the yogic wisdom combined with your own lived experiences and depth of live - that was so amazing.
Thank you Vanille!

Maria, participant at the -24 spring Training

Level 2 was everything I was hoping for - and more! 
Perfect balance between spiritual knowledge and scientifical background. I am no longer afraid of holding space for everyone coming to my classes.

Chiara, participant at the -24 spring Training

A great training in working towards a deeper understanding of body and mind connection, and how we, as Yoga teachers, are able to hold space and foster a supportive and potentially healing space for our students. Very informative and inspiring - reminding me of all my own resources personally, and professionally. I loved the manual and your way of teaching feels so natural and intuitive.
Thank you so much!

Sascha, participant at the -24 spring Training

More information about this Training

You will recieve a certificate  when you have completed the program.

The yoga room is bright and inviting, with the most wonderful yoga energy.

See the video with Frank to get an impression of the place

You’ll find all the props you need.

It’s situated 30 sec. walk from the train stop.
The address is:
center for yoga og mindfulness
Sverriggaardsvej 1
9520 Skørping.
You can reach us at 4068 9961

There is of course tea and water ad lib.
There will also be fruit and some nuts for you to take.
You bring your own lunch.
(There’s a bakery 40 meters from the center, where you can get good sandwiches)

In the center there is both a fridge and a microwave. There are glasses and plates and cutlery available.
After lunch and at the end of the day, we of course help each other clear away so that the room is left clean and tidy.

The dates are:
Lørdag d. 28/9 kl. 9.00 – 17.30
Søndag d. 29/9 kl. 9.00 – 17.30

Hi! My name is Vanille Simeon. I am a certified Yoga & Mindfulness teacher and a sophrology therapist (also known as body&mind integration therapy) with more than 15 years teaching worldwide.

After teaching thousands of women around the globe, and from my own experience of recovering from an early age depression and breast cancer, I came to realise how unequipped (and even ill-equipped) our society is when it comes to handling high pressure, how to cope with difficult life transitions and maintain afloat when our deepest self is being challenged.

Since then, I have been sharing with hundreds of people life saving tools and techniques to best cope with stress, anxiety, fear and overwhelming emotions, as well as healing traumatic imprints, restoring the nervous system to balance, and healing deep wounds of mistrust and low self-confidence.

From cancer survivors to psychotherapists seeking to integrate Yoga and mindfulness into their practice to enhance their patient’s recovery, women are awakening from the darkness, reclaiming their authentic power and shining their lights to the world.
You can visit Vanille’s website here

Price: 3300,-
Early Birdie until 1/6 🦜
You can choose to split the payment in 2.
One month seperation between the installments.

If you have a long journey to Skørping, you may want to stay in the area for the night.
3 km from here there’s a very nice Danhostel Vandrehjem, situated in fabulous Rebild Bakker.
We’ve got a special price for yogaparticipants, which is:
1100 kr. for check-in Friday evening and check-out Sunday after breakfast.
Incl. breakfast saturday and sunday.
( for 2 in the same room its 670 kr pr person)

You can find more info and make reservation here:

You can choose it as an option when you sign up for the program.

Or by sending us an email😊